Monday, February 14, 2011


Happy Valentine's Day!

I thought I could use this day to share a track with a name appropriate for the holiday. So here it is straight from his album "Mirror", here is DJ Okawari's "Luv Letter"!

What a lovely track it is! I hope you lovers enjoy it. However, I must say that I never did see this as a love track before despite its given name. I actually felt like it would be good for end credit sequences you see in certain anime. As well as that, I also feel as though it is a theme of a strong bond between friends who set out for a mythical journey across the globe. I can see them walking down the road during the twilight and dawn, together side by side like true bros.

Whichever way you wish to see, one feeling is usually always present: bonds between people of all kinds. That certainly makes itself known throughout the track. So I hope you all, lovers, friends, family, and colleagues enjoy this day as well as this track!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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