Monday, January 24, 2011

Shinji Hosoe - Airman Techno Remix!

Hello, all!

I have a new track to show you! As you all should know, I love myself some video game soundtracks! I also love the arrangements and remixes by both fans and owners of the franchise! Here is one straight from the 20th Anniversary Mega Man 1-6 Techno CD called "Airman mix"! This is a remix of one of Mega Man's most popular tracks from the main series.

Composed by Shinji Hosoe, this track always take me to what  seems like another world. You could even hear it within the sounds that start around the 1:05 mark. This piece really makes me feel as if I'm flying through the clouds at high speeds, which is fitting for Airman's Stage!

Want the Soundtrack? Then you can order it here!

EDIT: Here is the original for you all as well! Enjoy!

If you have any suggestions on what you'd like to hear on this blog, comment! After listening to this, I'm really looking forward to some "otherworldy-like" track suggestions from you guys! It's one of my favorite types of music! Please, I'd love to hear them!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Shin-ski - Polaris!

Late Night Post!

Here's a little something I found that you might enjoy.

It's called "Polaris" by Shin-ski and and can be found in his Planetarium album! It's a must listen, especially during cool or cold nights or nights in general! Makes me want to look up at the sky during those twilight hours when the night starts to settle in. You know, when the sky has that odd mix of yellows, oranges, reds, blacks, and blues. Just awe-inspiring. It's one of those tunes that for some reason just gets you to relax and start thinking, you know?

I'm going to getting into the suggestions that have been made to me before, so you might expect a bit of difference to what you have already listened to here so far.

Have any suggestions for me? I'll go for pretty much everything! From Rock to Techno to Jazz to Orchestral to Hip Hop to Soundtracks/OSTs (movies, television, anime, videogames of all kinds) to Fan Compositions and to much, much more! I can guarantee you that I have at least five of each genre I have listed so far, and my current player has 896 tracks on it! Leave your suggestion in the Comment  Section and I'll scour the net and bring it here!

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Monday, January 10, 2011

I Stand Once Again!

Hello everyone!

I apologize for not getting to you as quickly as I wanted to. Long story short: Fell ill while visiting family. Said Family highly germaphobic. Wouldn't let me touch almost ANYTHING. Hah, I still love them though.

Now back to business. Here's a track I found called "Sincerely", off of the Samurai Champloo Soundtrack, composed by Tsutchie.

Now I know that there is a guy (or two) that I could have mentioned when it comes to Samurai Champloo, but I felt that would have been a cheap move. Don't worry though, you'll get to see them both in my future posts for sure.

Have any suggestions on tracks I should search for that you'd like to see here? Yes? Then post a comment and I'll do my absolute best to get it on here for you!I love finding out about new stuff!I wouldn't be the Sound Scourer if I didn't!